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The Schindler Global Award is back – and it’s moving from Shenzhen to São Paulo! One of the most prominent student urban design competitions is open for entries again in 2016-2017.

The Schindler Global Award 2017 is held under the leadership of the Schindler Group, again in collaboration with the ETH Zurich, Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, Professor Kees Christiaanse.

In 2015 the Schindler Award went global for the first time, with a competition site in Shenzhen, China. Over 600 teams from around the world took part, with prizes awarded to twelve projects. The competition was a resounding success, bringing together students from every continent to share their ideas.

The next Schindler Global Award (SGA) promises to be an even more exciting opportunity for young designers to match their skills and imaginations against the challenge of shaping the cities of today and tomorrow. The competition will begin in mid-2016 and end in mid-2017. The SGA 2017 is open to final- year bachelor’s and all master’s degree students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, from degree-granting educational institutions worldwide.

The Schindler Global Award 2017 will focus on the impact and implications of current and future mobility systems in one of the most globally significant cities in South America: São Paulo.

The SGA is committed to presenting a diverse range of geographic, cultural and urban contexts to help prepare students for the increasingly globalized nature of design thinking and practice. Students will be encouraged to come up with designs that respond to fundamental questions about life in contemporary cities, from living conditions to environmental balance, and from infrastructure to public space.

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