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Better Airport Regions: Models and Development Pathways for Sustainable Urban Transformation. The Dutch Science Organisation NWO awarded 900'000€ funding for 2012-2014.


Airports and Cities  initiated the project and collaborates with TU Delft (Andy van den Dobblesteen [project leader], Arjan van Timmeren, Ellen van Bueren), with University of Amsterdam (Marco te Broemmelstroet), with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport's theGrounds and Zurich Kloten Airport, and with the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Schiphol Airport Development Corperation SADC, the City of Kloten, the City of Zurich, and the Kanton Zurich.


The aim of the project is to research sutstainable transformation pathways for Amsterdam Airport Region, while Zurich airport region will serve as main reference case. Involved researchers: Kees Christiaanse, Christian Salewski, Benedikt Boucsein (ETH Zurich), Mark Michaeli (TU Munich). Airport and Cities will lead Research Group 2, which consists of three sub-projects: (2a) Transformation; (2b) Development; (2c) Model.


The Better Airport Regions project is part of the knowledge programme of Urban Regions in the Delta. (URD), which aims to gain new insights into integrated area development on the (supra) regional scale. URD connects the domains of space, water and mobility through interdisciplinary research of practical cases with the participation of governmental institutes, companies and societal organisations. URD forms part of a series of knowledge programmes that consider different aspects of urban development in the Netherlands as Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt delta (VerDuS, a partnership of NWO and Nicis Institute).


See also TU Delft's news on the project.


For further information, please contact Christian Salewski.