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Design Studio HS17 Barcelona Sagrera

Barcelona Sagrera 

Currently, Sagrera is Barcelona’s most important urban development area. On the site of the former goods yard, a new high speed train station is under construction¬ - an international traffic node connecting the Iberian peninsula with Central Europe, a new gate to Barcelona.  


The ambitious large-scale project will cover most of the former tracks cutting into the city. Covering the corridor offers the opportunity to connect the city centre to the Catalan hinterland by a linear park. The park will be lined with a dense, mixed-use neighbourhood to create a new centrality and to bridge the formerly divided quarters on both sides of the tracks.


In 2008 financial backing began lacking due to the global financial crisis, and construction work stagnated until it was officially frozen in 2015. Financed by the railway company, the city of Barcelona, the autonomous community of Catalonia as well as the Spanish state, the complex development now has to be revised to fit a shortened budget. Although construction on the infrastructure project has resumed, the future of the urban development surrounding it remains uncertain. Therefore, the occasion presents itself to rethink the project. 


In our design studio we will test alternative planning scenarios, focussing on the integration of a new central urbanistic project into heterogeneous neighbourhoods. We aim to create projects, which connect to the existing fabric and which create urbanistic and architectural value not only on a metropolitan scale, but also for the adjacent communities.


The design studio includes a two-day trip to Barcelona at the beginning of the semester (participation is not mandatory). The design task is tackled in groups of 4 students.


Structure of the semester::

Participants: max. 36 students

Room: ONA E25

Working method: group work

Field trip: 03.-04.10.2017 (costs 300 CHF +/-20%, travel and accommodation included, participation not mandatory)

ECTS: 13 + 3 credits (integr. Disziplin Planung 051-1233-17)

Languages: German (critics partly in English)

Introduction: Tuesday, 19.09.2017, 10:00 a.m., ONA G27  

Final critics: Wednesday, 20.12.2017, 10:00 a.m., ONA G27 

Semester fee: 0 CHF

Contact: Christian Weyell,


Poster: link


Contact: Christian Weyell