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Design and Strategy in urban space I / Urban Design I

Means and potentials of urban design are depicted from different perspectives to illustrate how the city can be designed as a sustainable and humane environment. For this purpose, general basic principles and specific methods of urban design are going to be presented. The lectures will be given by members of the chair and invited speakers.


Learning objectives

This lecture series imparts advanced expertise in urban planning. The main focus is to illustrate the complex manner in which various themes are embedded in the everyday practice of planning and design by addressing pressing questions of contemporary urban design practice and theory. The goal is to communicate a broad-based systemic knowledge base, which helps enable students to synthesize and evaluate complex urban design and planning problems.


The fall semester introduces the notion of strategic design and imparts further knowledge about the structure and models of the contemporary city. It is structured in two parts:


The first part of the lecture series imparts general basics to understand the city and the field of urban design. Different approaches and methods of analysis are presented, the dealing with uncertainty in planning is addressed and practical methods of urban design are identified.

21.09. Städtebau im Wandel

Michael Wagner


28.09. Entwerfen und Unsicherheit: Szenarien in Städtebau und Raumplanung

Dr. Christian Salewski


05.10. Urbane Raumproduktion in der Gegenwart

Prof. Kees Christiaanse


12.10. Werkzeuge der Stadtanalyse

Michael Wagner


19.10. Strategisches Entwerfen

Dr. Daniel Kiss


Urban space is shaped on different levels. The city ground plan, the relationship between public and private space, the infrastructure and mobility needs as well as various spatially relevant stakeholders offer the basic means to steer the development. The second part of the lecture series is dedicated to these structures of the city and to the models describing them.

02.11. Strukturen und Modelle

Prof. Kees Christiaanse


09.11. Governance und Akteure

Michael Wagner

16.11. Öffentlicher Raum

Simon Kretz


23.11. Stadtgrundriss

Dr. Christian Salewski


30.11. Mobilität und Infrastruktur

Dr. Benedikt Boucsein

07.12. Zusammenfassung und Prüfungskolloquium HS17

Michael Wagner


Notes regarding exams

The course will be tested as a year course in the session exam. There is no script for this lecture series. At the end of the semester the lecture slides will be available online. Additionally, at the end of the years course a reader with secondary literature will also be available online. The reader doesn't replace the attendance of the lecture series. To be well prepared for the exam we suggest to take your own notes during the lectures! For exchange students and students from other departements we offer oral semester end examination in summer and winter.



Prof. Kees Christiaanse and Michael Wagner


Location and time

ETH Hönggerberg, HPH G1, Thursdays from 8:00 to 9:30



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